Our goal is to provide a single source professional service firm for land use and design, permitting and construction support services and environmental consulting services. Our clients include builders; architects; residential, institutional and commercial land developers for public sector projects, private commercial and residential developments and municipalities for consulting services. Places offers start to finish services from the initial survey, design, and landscaping through construction as-builts and certifications.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our staff has the know how to navigate through the layers of permits to bring a project to fruition. Strong working relationships with specialist sub-consultants (wildlife habitat specialists, Licensed Site Professionals, geotechnical engineers) allow us to address any issue that may arise. Our staff includes Registered Professional Engineers, a Landscape Architect, a Registered Professional Land Surveyor, Title 5 Certified Soil Evaluators, Title 5 Certified System Inspectors and other technical support staff.



Places combines design, engineering, and the permitting process to deliver the most effective project plans.

Landscape Architecture

Places applies science and aesthetics to develop environmentally- and regulatory-sound solutions, from “Green” landscape plans to providing accessible design and buffering of sensitive areas.

Civil Engineering

Feasibility studies, site plan and low-impact development designs, and drainage/stormwater plans are a few examples of Places’ extensive civil engineering services.

Environmental Consulting

Places provides compliance assistance with local, state, and federal wetlands and resource protection laws with the highest level of detail and accountability.


Places’ high quality standards lead to precise, accurate, and efficient surveying from GPS property line and ground control for aerial surveys to ALTA/ACSM land title surveys and baseline/topographic surveys.

Municipal Consulting & Peer Review

Serving on local municipal volunteer boards and departments allows Places a home-town advantage in reviewing individual reports/plans while offering a unique perspective and sound engineering practice and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Municipal Projects & Facilities

Places’ in-depth experience in management, design, permitting, and construction support allows successful completion of municipal projects.


Places’ expert permitting knowledge eases the complexity of the permitting process, from zoning and wetlands to sewage disposal, water supply, ANR’s and MEPA/NEPA requirements.