The Value of Professional Landscape Design: More Than Just Visual Appeal

Landscape Architecture applies both science and art to create solutions to stormwater management, accessibility, and other issues that are not only effective and functional but sturdy, environmentally sound, and aesthetically pleasing.

Places Associates, Inc. believes that having the same firm provide engineering, environmental consulting services, and landscape design reduces redundancy and ensures consistency. Our landscape design professionals regularly produce plans to emphasize the useable and amenable aspects of each site, to enable accessibility, to provide for the buffering of sensitive areas, to comply with regulatory requirements, and to be responsive to the interests and goals of the people who will inhabit the landscape.

Our Landscape Architecture Services

"Green" Landscape Plans

We maximize the use of native plants and drought-tolerant species to reduce watering and fertilizing requirements and to address environmental concerns.

Master Plan Development

We incorporate aesthetic, environmental, regulatory, and cost considerations for future development and planning purposes to ensure comprehensive development of a project.

Landscape Design

We develop these for all types of sites including private residences, office parks, schools and other municipal buildings, public parks, streetscapes, and parking lots.

Athletic Fields and Playgrounds

We offer concept planning, site design, and equipment selection.

Irrigation and Lighting Plans

Our designs are developed to ensure site safety and functionality.

Public Procurement Assistance

We offer assistance for municipal projects requiring compliance with the public bidding process.

Accessible Design

Our site designs implement the various site-related requirements of the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board (MAAB) and US Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

Veterinary Clinic & Dog Parks

We offer specialized design for sites & landscapes which incorporates unique requirements for pet-friendly spaces.

Dog Parks

Our designs implement public demand for ‘off leash’ with safety in mind.

Wetlands Delineation and Replication

Feasibility Analysis