Combining Design, Engineering, and the Permitting Process

Planning combines the art of design, the science of engineering and the interpretation and implementation of permitting processes to achieve a definable project. At Places, we provide planning services with the goal of working with our clients in the most efficient and cost-effective manner to solve their project needs. We do this by generating site feasibility studies, conceptual plan designs and developments, and redevelopment assessments for industrial properties

Our feasibility studies involve in-depth reviewing of zoning, permitting, utilities, and infrastructure, as well as review and analysis of possible site environmental constraints to identify likely development projects.

Places has developed master plans for recreational uses, residential and mixed-use developments and campus development plans which present the highest and best land-use alternatives. These plans have been used by clients for property development potential assessments, appraisals of potential property values for real estate and estate purposes. In the case of our municipal clients, master plans develop the overall long term goal for the development of a playground or other project which can then be implemented incrementally as funds become available.

Our multi-disciplinary staff collaborate, utilizing their areas of expertise to examine property, its environs and the potential of the property for preservation, development or expansion. Our portfolio of Master Plan projects includes commercial, industrial and office parks, medical office buildings, day care facilities as well as both small and large scale residential developments. Our office has the practical knowledge to accurately assess site constraints and many times turn them from a problem into an asset.

Members of our staff have acted as review agents for multiple communities providing review services for reviewing applications involving subdivision and site plan regulations to include items such as marijuana licensing, solar farms, inclusionary housing and the stormwater regulations. We assist our municipal clients by writing decisions and providing recommendations on approval/disapproval for various project types. We also provide planning assistance in working with municipalities updating zoning and other regulations.

Our Planning Services

Initial site feasibility analysis and presentations to building committees

Preparation of full design plans including existing conditions, layout, grading, utilities, drainage, erosion control and construction details

Permitting processes with local, state and federal agencies; preparation of specifications for bid documents

Construction layout

Construction administration including approval of materials and shop drawings, project changes and as-built (record) plan preparations